Home Medicine Reviews

A Home Medicine Review is a Medicare funded review of your medicines with an Accredited Pharmacist. One of our Accredited Pharmacists will come to your home, review all of the medications that you take, including those prescribed by your doctor and other natural and complementary products. We will answer any questions that you have, give you some tips on how to improve your medication management and write a report back to you GP with any recommendations we may have.

"The Home Medicines Review (HMR) programme aims to enhance the quality use of medicines and reduce adverse medicines events. This is undertaken through a comprehensive medication review conducted by an accredited pharmacist in the patient’s home."

Our pharmacist, Leah Henderson, is accredited to provide Home Medication Reviews. She has over six years’ experience providing medication reviews to patients in aged care homes and the community.

The Home Medication Review service is free to eligible patients following a referral from your General Practitioner. The Accredited Pharmacist will then schedule an appointment to meet with you and/or your carer at a suitable time, in the comfort of your home.

The objectives of a HMR are to:

  • Achieve safe, effective, and appropriate use of medicines by detecting and addressing medicine- related problems;
  • Improve quality of life and health outcomes using a best practice approach, that involves co-operation between you, your GP, pharmacist, other health professionals;
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of medicines;
  • Facilitate cooperative working relationships between members of the health care team in the interests of your health and wellbeing; and,
  • Provide medication information to you and other health care providers involved in your care.

If you would like further information about our HMR service, please contact our accredited pharmacist on email leah@swhpharmacy.com.au or 08 9729 6290