Breast Pump Hire

We stock the Medela range of breastfeeding solutions, in addition to the many other products to help make breastfeeding as simple as possible. Our staff are trained on the Medela range of products to ensure you receive the best possible information.

About Medela

"Medela stands for innovative, research-based breastfeeding products. Its comprehensive product range includes Calma, developed in Western Australia, the feeding solution that has been specially designed for feeding babies with breastmilk. Babies drink from Calma in a similar way that they drink from the breast, which makes changing from breast to bottle and back very natural."

A link to the complete Medela website can be found here

Medela Symphony® Hire & Fees

Symphony®, by Medela, has developed a breastpump that functions like nature itself.

We hire the Medela Symphony® fully automated electronic breast pump, used in hospital, for use in the comfort of your own home.

Fee: $37.50 per week
Deposit: $50 (refunded upon return)

Please note that you will need to separately purchase a breast pump set for use with the Symphony®.

Double pump set: $89.95
Single pump set: $69.95